Buy Honey From Me (or donít)

Iím selling honey from my bees.  You are welcome to mail me and buy some if I have any available but I want to be absolutely clear about something:

I recommend you buy from a local beekeeper.

With local sales your money stays in your community and you help people do business and live in your area.  Your local farmerís market should have at least one honey seller. Get their contact number.  Get to know them.† They can let you sample the honey first.† Theyíll give you price breaks on your mead making acquisitions in some cases and you can negotiate with them.† If you buy from me you get what I send you without being able to taste it first. No, I cannot ship you a sample spoon for you to taste first.†

Bears, Bees and Honey

It's entirely unclear to me what the fascination with plastic bears and honey is.  We don't make plastic junkies with heroine inside, or plastic Major League players filled with Steroids, or plastic models pumped full of silicon.  Bears and honey are another matter entirely. The really strange thing about this is that real bears don't come for the honey.  They come for the bees and brood.  They'll eat honey too.  Bears are like sharks and college students in being unable to discern food from garbage. †The one thing I wonít argue with is market forces.† Honeybears sell more than other containers.† You like the bear, donít you?† Admit it.

What you get

While a real ďhoney bearĒ would contain large amounts of mashed bee larva and wood splinters, Iím offering only ones that contain pure honey, specifically Fireweed Honey.  Iím offering one size at prices intended to discourage you from buying from me.  I am quite aware that you can find honey cheaper on google.  You can also find it cheaper locally where you donít have to pay shipping.  My coworkers tried it and said ďIt tastes like honey.Ē† Thatís an endorsement I can live with.† I think itís delicious but Iím hardly a neutral party here.† For those who still want some honey Iím offering one is a ten ounce honeybear, containing about ten ounces of honey wrapped in an attractive plastic bear.  Well, itís attractive if you have a fetish for plastic bears. The ten ounce bears cost $10 (That's 5.00 for the bear, what I'm selling it for locally, 4.05 for priority mail and some change). You are welcome to order more than one 10oz bear and yes, they will be combined to the same package.† Shipping two 10z bears together in the same box has an advantage on pricing.† The two lb bears are going to a charity auction at some point.† You could get more honey locally for less.

Details, Details

Iíll ship to anywhere in the continental US Ė fighting customs for other places is too much of a hassle. I accept paypal payments and ship erratically. Just click on the link below and tell me what you want to buy and an address - I'll get back to you with a invoice.

Buy some Honey

Some pictures:

The honeybear army had landed.

For those who have wondered - here's where my honey came from:
The view from the forest roads
Fireweed, for those who haven't seen it.
Inside the bear fence, view of the apiary.
View from the front.  Fireweed is nearly dead.
Some remarkably unhappy bees.
The hive, buttoned up and ready to go.

Later, at harvest -
Pile of comb.
A bunch of honey in the straining bucket.
Honey in a smaller setting bucket.