Meet the Bees

Not sure where to begin?  Pick a bee and start with their story.

Package of Honeybees waiting to be installed.E13 – Follow E13 from the safety of her colony into a maelstrom of bees which must band together or die, in Birth of a Package


E14 – Listen as E14 and her Colony race an enemy that knows nothing but patience and against whom every moment of existence is a loss – time, in Race to Live

E75 – Next to his hardworking sisters E75 looks lazy but appearances are deceiving.  E75 fulfills his purpose and serves his colony just as well as his sisters in A Drone’s Life.





Yellow JacketE45 – Observe E45 as she encounters the deadly predators that stalk her kind, in Lions at the Gate.




Capped BroodE21 – Watch E21 and her colony as they gamble with their lives for the sake of their survival, At the Edge of Existence.



E121 – E121 and her colony hatch a nefarious plan to overthrow their queen.  The cost of success demands her life, in The Drive to Thrive.




E55 – Born in the wake of disaster, E55 is caught in a trap of biology that will drive her to ruin, as the Pretender to the Throne.

Foulbrood infected larvaE28 – Watch E28 as her colony wages a war against a creeping destroyer, in The Death of a Thousand Pinpricks.





SwarmE88 – E88’s colony has survived the trials of time.  Now they face a new challenge as they prepare to Divide and Conquer.




E23 – Follow E23 as her colony falls prey to the ravages of parasites in Of Mites and Men.